"New Breakthrough System
In Personal Puppy Training Got Owners Of Even The Most Stubborn Puppies Raving!"

Puppies can be stubborn. Even the sweetest owners can get stressed and frustrated with poor training results ... but before you send that strong-willed pup back to the pound, please read every word on this page ...

From: Jill Rose
Location: Athens, GA
Date: March 19, 2013

Dear Friend,

If you're a puppy owner and lover who is frustrated by the challenging side of pet ownership such as ...

  • Your puppy doesn't obey your commands
  • Your puppy uses your expensive carpet as its personal toilet
  • Dealing with barking, biting and whining all through the night
  • Aggressive behavior towards other dogs and guests to your home
  • Stopping begging at the table and jumping on strangers or your kids
  • What to look for in a doggie daycare provider or a dog walker

...then this is gonna be one of the most important letters you'll ever read.

Here's why: Most of the guides you'll find on the market deal with dog training and basically ignore puppies. I'm sure you'll agree with me that a well-trained puppy will make a well-trained dog. You don't want to wait until you have to break old habits, because they die hard.

In fact, most of the products on the market today targeted to puppy training deal mainly with potty training and little else. Plus, most manuals teach a "negative reinforcement" method that's often counter-productive.

But you're about to discover a breakthrough "positive training system" which is more humane, simpler, faster and twice as effective, transforming your puppy into a welcomed member of your family.

In just a minute I want to introduce to you a system of training that anybody (even if you're new to all this) can use, and you don't have to pay expensive dog trainers who won't guarantee any results anyway.

Maybe right now you're even making some critical mistakes in your puppy training but can't put your finger on just what's wrong. That's why I want to lift the curtains and reveal to you the real puppy inside your stubborn puppy ... Yes, yours ... just better behaved.

But first, let me tell you ...


A Little Of My Puppy Story ...

I've been an animal lover for all my life. This doesn't mean that I've escaped all the frustrations and anxieties from getting your puppy to be a 'civil' member of your family.

In fact, I could recall one stubborn puppy named Rocky that was taking my breath away ... and not in a positive sense!

All the popular dog training techniques were telling me that I should use negative reinforcement such as: yanking Rocky around, often using a choke collar; forcing your dominance on the dog, making your dog fear you; constant correction (i.e., punishing a dog for being bad).

But using all these confrontational methods to instill discipline in a puppy seemed a little inhumane to me. And they were not as effective as I thought they should be. I didn't want to take the puppy back to the pound where he would be killed if no one else adopted him, but I was desperate for a solution.

It was then that I stumbled unto a little-known philosophy of training that has popped up in the last few years. It's called positive reinforcement training which uses a system of rewarding good behavior instead of punishing bad behavior.

So instead of pushing your puppy's nose into its own mess to teach her never to poop on your carpet again, you'll reward her for going to the bathroom outside instead.

As soon as I started using this new approach I was pleasantly surprised at the incredible results I saw ... and fast. My friends and family members were amazed at the results I was getting and so 'hired" me to train their own puppies. I was quickly known as the local expert in puppy training and was encouraged to make my training system available to other puppy owners who were suffering through the same uphill climb.

So if you've been pulling your hair out with frustration, maybe it's because you've been doing it the hard way. And I'm going to let you prove this for yourself in a minute.


Are You Making These Common
Puppy-Training Mistakes?

Typical story ... (See if you can point out the mistakes Linda made?)

Linda, being a dog lover had always wanted a puppy but a studio apartment was no place to raise a dog. So what a relief when she finally bought her first home with the backyard she could now have her long awaited puppy.

So Linda bought a 9-week old Labrador Retriever she named "Badger" on her way home from work on Friday and spent the weekend together. Of course there were 'accidents' to clean up but what do you expect from a small pup?

Linda left badger with a few toys, enough food and water, and a bed of newspaper for those bathroom breaks. When she returned from work her kitchen floor was a mess of poop and pee. The garbage can was turned over and the floor was looking and smelling like a disaster zone.

Well, it's obvious that Badger needed a walk being locked up all day inside. But this only led to a tug-of-war with his leash and jumping at every stranger that passed by. Seeing some kids in the park who were immediately attracted to this cute pup, she allowed them to pet him.

Suddenly there was a loud scream and Linda knew that Badger had nipped on one of the kids. The bleeding arm was enough to tell the story. She immediately scolded Badger by pulling on his collar, keeping his front feet suspended off the ground.

This was only the beginning as Linda became more frustrated when nothing seemed to get Badger to poop on the newspaper instead of the kitchen floor. And immediately after bringing Badger from his outside bathroom he'd still pee on the rug.

Linda would sometimes take Badger to his 'accident sites' and hit him several times with the rolled newspaper to get him stop messing all over the house. But this didn't work either. What next?

Well, you don't have to fall victim to all the mistakes that Linda made ... there is an easier, faster and better way to transforming Badger into a well-mannered dog.

Introducing ...


"Painless & Positive Puppy Training: How To Train Your Stubborn Pup... And Remain Relaxed!"

This is the breakthrough manual that will show you in plain English how to make your puppy mind without losing yours. It's all based on an exciting approach to dog training that's effective and pain-free for both you and your puppy.

It's the quickest and easiest way to instill trust and willingness in your puppy. Here I reveal to you all the tolls, strategies, tips, tricks and tactics that have been proven over and over again to get results ... and fast!

Painless & Positive Puppy Training

Here's a list of just some of the secrets you'll uncover in this manual:

  • The 6 basic facts that every puppy owner should know before bringing that bundle of furry joy home. Skip any one of these tips and you'll only make your life harder and your puppy's adjustment to your home more difficult.

  • Why punishment-based training could leave you with the very opposite results that you are looking for in your pup. Your relationship with your dog could also be in jeopardy defeating the very purpose for being a pet owner anyway.

  • One of the biggest myths about rewards-training and how you could avoid being sucked in by this misinformation. You may be making this same common mistake right now.

  • Five ways of rewarding your puppy for good behavior without giving her something to eat. You'll be surprised how easy it is to treat your pup without making him obese.

  • Five secrets about positive reinforcement training that you should know before you start using this method of training. If you have these tricks under your belt then you're off to a successful start in getting that pup trained right.

  • How to turn your puppy into a social butterfly. You'll find out how to get your puppy feeling comfortable in unfamiliar surroundings and among unfamiliar people and pets. You learn how to avoid those embarrassing situations of barking and biting at strangers.

  • The rule of thumb that tells when and how to leave your puppy in an unattended car. It's more than common sense and you want be armed with this information before you make a critical mistake.

  • How to handle your puppy so she'll be open to you petting her and be prepared to be handled by others such as your vet, a walker or groomer. You'll get some simple exercises you can practice with your puppy to get her less anxious and intimidated when handled by others.

  • How to get your puppy to overcome "possessive aggression." This is the kind of behavior that most dogs exhibit when another animal or person comes near their food or play toy. This may be growling or barking, all meant to say "stay away."

  • What you should know about training a puppy that you intend to use as a guard dog. In other words, how do you get your dog to be protective but not aggressive? Friendly with friends and aggressive to the foe?

  • 8 must-know tips to getting your puppy potty-trained as quickly and easily as possible, without resorting to harsh punishment and force. Most dog owners become very frustrated at this stage but you don't have to fall victim to this common challenge.

  • Why it's never a good idea to bring your puppy inside soon after he just went to the bathroom outside. If you've done this often enough you'll know what I'm talking about here and the expected results!

  • What is "crate training" and how to choose the perfect crate for your breed and size dog. You'll discover the 8 things you should know about using a crate especially if you have to leave your pup for any length of time during the day (like while you are at work.)

  • How to teach your dog to eliminate on command! You'll love this when you consider how difficult it is to stand in the rain or snow waiting on your dog to just do it so you can get back inside where it's warm and toasty.

  • How to puppy-proof your home so you don't come home to a ransacked house with chewed electrical wires, capsized garbage containers and de-feathered pillows!

  • A little-known trick for stopping your pup from chewing on objects that look (and taste) like his toys but should be out of bounds, such as table legs and shoes. Just this simple tip can save you a lot of headache over a pup gone wild.

  • 5 tips for choosing the perfect chew toy for your puppy and what you should know about why dogs chew.

  • Why training your puppy to eliminate on newspaper or the paper sold by your pet shop could spell more trouble than solution. This may be an emergency measure but there's more to the story.

  • 3 reasons why puppies nip and bite and how to train them to stop this potentially harmful behavior. You'll feel comfortable with your toddlers around your puppy instead of hearing that unwanted scream and having to rush to the hospital with bleeding infant--a sure way to lose your pet.

  • How to tell the difference between aggressive behavior and normal puppy playful nipping and mouthing. You can easily confuse the two and apply unwarranted responses.

  • Why dogs jump on people and how to teach your dog not to jump on your guests or mess up your favorite dress for that matter. I hear so many owners complain that their dogs just continue jumping every time they push them away. You'll know how to get rid of unwanted jumping.

  • What is "counter-conditioning" and how to use this technique to teach your puppy to do the very opposite of what he normally does that you judge as unwanted behavior. How about sitting when guests come to your home rather than jumping on them?

  • The four most common reasons why dogs bark and how to get rid of inappropriate barking without using painful punishment that could hurt your puppy in the long run.

  • 6 tips for helping your puppy overcome attention-seeking barking. Your puppy may bark continually even during the night to get your attention. You'll know how to silence him so you can enjoy a good night's rest.

  • 7 reasons why dogs resort to stool eating (coprophagia) and how to eliminate this disgusting habit. Even though this is rarely talked about because no one wants to think about being kissed by such a creature, this is something you have to be aware of and correct early.

  • How to prevent your puppy from getting bored and so get into trouble the same way that bored kids (and adults) do. Many of the destructive behaviors seen in dogs are caused by plain boredom, especially when left to themselves for hours at a time.

  • Just what to look for in a doggie day care and dog walker. You don't want to give over your precious pup just to any facility or person who'll undo what you're trying to accomplish--a well-mannered dog.

  • 8 things you should know about how to introduce your pup to your family, especially if you have young children. This is the new member of your family and adjustments have to be made just like when bringing that baby home from the hospital.

  • What you should know about different breeds before you fall in love with those big brown eyes. Each breed group has different behavior patterns that may not fit what you're looking for in a dog.

  • How to train your puppy to do simple tricks (basic obedience) such as sit, lie down, wave his paw, rollover and stand at your command. Now both of you can show off for your friends and steal the show every time.

  • How to train your puppy to walk on a loose leash. Your dogs will walk beside you rather than pull you along or sit and refuse to move until you pull him. Avoid the tug-of-wars when you take him for a walk.

  • ... And much more!

Interestingly, anyone can use this manual and see results within days. No one can promise to make you into an expert dog trainer overnight, and beware of anyone who tries to fool you into this belief. But you don't have to be an expert to get fast results using the proven tips tricks and shortcuts I show you.

You'll get in simple A-B-C, step-by-step fashion all you need to know to get the same results that placed my services in high demand. You'll form a bond with your pup in the process that will last her entire lifetime. Why not become your dog's closest friend rather than give this place to another trainer?


What People are Saying About ...
"Painless & Positive Puppy Training"

Pam and JakeWhen I brought home my puppy, Jake, he was six months old and had very little potty training at all. The first mistake I made was not reading this entire book before bringing Jake home. I had so many problems with getting him to urine outside. Jake would go outside to play and then come in the house to urinate.

After reading the entire section on potty training and crate training, I opted for taking him outside for play and then when we are done, he finally goes to the bathroom. Now the good boy treats come out of my pocket and he is ready to go in the house. Jake has even learned how to go potty when I tell him to.

I have had no more little incidents in two weeks, nighttimes or daytimes. I do believe, if I had read the entire book before hand, I would have saved my carpeting, because now I need the rug doctor brought in to clean. I have also used the information about chew toys to discourage chewing on my boots and slippers. It is working just great.

-Pamela Gardapee
Sheboygan, Wisconsin


Caterina, Lina and Lucy"Painless and Positive Puppy Training is the ONLY book I will ever use to train a puppy again. Most other puppy training books make you do horrible things to your puppy to train him like pushing his face in his messes or using collars that choke the poor thing.

This system is entirely different and has made my puppy training experience a joy. Yes, the puppy has made messes but she is now on the path to being completely trained. The best part is that I didn't have to yell at her or hit her to do it.

Every time she performed in the way I wanted I gave her a treat or a pat on the head. And instead of yelling at her when she made a mess, I showed her what I wanted her to do instead.

For example, when she started to pee on the rug I picked her up and rushed her outside. I gave her a treat outside as a reward and praised her for going outside.

And when she tried to nibble on my niece's fingers, I gave her a chew toy instead and told her what a good girl she was for playing with her toys.

I can't tell you how relieved I am. The idea of yelling at or disciplining an innocent little puppy almost made me not get a dog in the first place. Now I have the cutest little well behaved puppy, with almost no stress at all. This book is a Godsend!"

-Caterina Christakos, Orlando, Florida
author of How to Write a Children's Book in 30 Days or Less


Mary with her dogsI just cannot thank you enough for putting together such a useful ebook! I recently adopted a nine week old puppy and was amazed at how quickly she responded to the training techniques in your ebook. Before I implemented the techniques in this ebook she was jumping up on us, mouthing and chewing furniture. After working with her for just a few sessions and following the tips in the ebook she is already doing much better and hardly ever jumps, mouths or chews on anything but her chew toys. She's even starting to get the hang of potty training already!

It was also amazing to see my older dogs respond so well to these training techniques. My older dogs are seven and five and now I know that the old saying, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks," just is not true. I used some of the basic obedience training techniques in this ebook on my older dogs to correct some of their behaviors and they were so eager to work on these commands and really enjoyed the training techniques recommended by the ebook that I am already seeing dramatic improvements in their behavior as well. I would highly recommend this ebook for new puppy owners as well as owners of adult dogs who are in need of additional training.

-Mary Stasiewicz
Oregon City, OR

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I've read through your book and must say that I was very impressed! Very well written, good examples/stories as well. Overall, I think your book covered everything extremely well. It was easy to read and understand.

-Dawn Carron


Lisa and JanieDear Jill,

I normally don't write things like this, but I just had to thank you for your puppy training book. I just recently adopted a puppy from the animal shelter, she's an adorable mutt named Janie.

As much as I fell in love with her instantly, I seriously considered returning her. She was chewing on everything, whining, and having accidents in the house. I've never had a puppy before and so I had never dealt with these types of problems. Your book helped me figure it all out. Janie is improving every day and I have you to thank.

-Lisa Van Zwoll Grand Rapids, Michigan


I was ready to give away my dog, Coco. It seems that no matter how hard I tried, she would always have accidents in my house.

Then I got your wonderful book, and after reading it and employing the housebreaking techniques, in less than a week Coco is now a perfect dog! It's really amazing how quickly your training techniques worked. I would recommend this book to anyone.

-Anne Watson, Atlanta GA


"Hi Jill,

I have to say that this book is extremely well written and has everything possible about puppy basics all in one place. I wish a book like this was available while I was training my puppy as I had to resort to several resources to get the kind of information that is present in your book. My dog is now just over a year old but this book is still resourceful now.

-Tammy London, Ontario


Hi Jill,

"Your presentation was very readable. I'm glad that the old ways of "rolled up newspaper" etc are no longer espoused. My two italian greyhound pups are now 6 month old, and well on their way to being well behaved companions. The main trick is to communicate to your dog what you want it to do (not always as easy as it sounds). I had been told that iggys can be hard to train, but with my own experience, backed up with your ideas, I am not having any trouble.

The odd "naughty" attack is only to be expected as they are still babies, but they are a joy to have around, and I am confident that we will have many happy years together. I purchased some treats for my boys, and using the reward training as you described is very effective and makes all three of us happy.

Your examples of dogs that end up at the shelter or worse because people don't prepare properly for a new baby makes me so angry, especially because I know this is a common problem. I wonder how some of those people would feel if you suggested they have their teenager put down because it was no longer convenient to have around!

I also applaud your chapter on socialization. None of the dogs I've had before had a problem with this, but it is the nature of iggys to be very timid, and one of my boys is afraid of people.

I've made extra effort to socialize him, and I'm pleased to say that while he still tends to head under the bed when a new person comes in, he now comes out after 10 minutes or so to see if the new person has something nice for him! I'm sure if they said boo! he'd wet himself, but he's better than he was (Even crawled into bed with my adult son when we visited him) Mine are with me for life, and that means that they have to be trained. Thanks for helping to get the message out there".

-Marianna Vandenbroek, NSW Australia


Jill Rose saved my sanity and my boxer puppy's life. I have had boxers for over twenty years and thought I knew them but a puppy changed all that. I realized that I did not know the first thing about that dog's instinct. Silly me, I thought taking the dog out to go to the toilet was potty training. I thought the dog got the message except my puppy did not and now I know why!

Jill taught me that, as a dog lover I was destroying my dog I needed to positively reinforce my training and reward the dog. In her words "it gives you a positive way to shed light on new experiences".

Spot on Jill it was like someone turned the light on in my head. If only I had known about "crate training" about two months earlier than I did, I began to hate coming home because of the mess the pup made. Once I could get inside the dogs head and know what he was thinking which was incidentally nothing like what he thought I was thinking I could house train him socialize him and stop him chewing my house to bits.

The e-book was the best thing I bought apart from Chubb; it is written in simple plain no nonsense English. It helped me understand my dog so that I could stop my nightmare of dreading the dog and being able to manage train and love him as he deserves. It made me think what I was doing and what my dog would think about my actions. Once I did that I cracked the job. Thank you so much.

-Catherine Ford, London, England


Louise and TeddyAnyone who has ever had a puppy will understand the frustration of trying your best to train him or her without getting stressed. Said puppy will then often immediately go and do the opposite of what you are trying desperately to teach. My four months Lakeland Terrier puppy, Teddy, did just that on a daily basis!

I was just about at the end of my tether when a friend recommended this book. I was sceptical but tried some of the techniques anyway. After all, anything at that point was worth a try.

I have to say that it is the best, most comprehensive training manual I have ever read. The language is simple and easily understood, and thus the tips are easy to put into practice. I've only been using the techniques a little while but Jill's advice keeps me calm and has helped Teddy to learn.

I found the potty training especially helpful because Teddy has had problems in that area. The routine Jill suggests ensures that Teddy knows when and where he can do his business and keeps me nice and relaxed!

He's a good boy now and not the devil incarnate!

-Louise Crowley, Tamworth, UK


Nic and StellaStella the wonder dog, arrived at my house at just 3 weeks old, she had until that time be raised under bridge by street kids.(no kidding). Stella is the first dog I've ever owned, when i got her I knew nothing about dogs, thankfully I read 'Painless & Positive Puppy Training Manual'.

Until I read your book Stella would pull me around like a rag doll on chain, now she walks beside me on a loose leash or if it's quite no leash at all, not only have I got my freedom back but she also has her freedom

I'm sure if hadn't read this book Stella would still be chewing on everything in site! Especially the carpets. Thanks for this wonderful book. We're both very happy with the results.

-Nic Thomson,Toronto


Who Needs The Painless & Positive Puppy Training Manual ?

This puppy training manual is jammed packed with information, tips, tricks and strategies to get any puppy owner up to speed in no time. You need this manual if:

1. You've used expensive dog trainers in the past and didn't get your money's worth in results, so now you want to go a cheaper and more effective route.

2. Your new puppy is driving you up the wall and you're about to send him back to the pound because he's so disobedient and is causing havoc in your home ... wait ... hold your horses ... I mean, your puppies!

3. You don't have a lot of time to invest in training your puppy so you want the fastest and most inexpensive techniques that will transform Shaggy into a well-mannered member of the family.

4. You are looking for a training manual written in simple English that anyone could understand and implement without breaking a sweat.

5. You want PROVEN strategies that are healthy and safe for your puppy without using punishment and other forceful tactics to get your puppy to obey your voice commands.

You must be wondering by now if these amazing secret strategies will really work for your puppy, and I can assure you that they will. If you're really serious about getting your pup to obey you and be the real companion that you want him to be, then with some time and a little effort on your part you'll be grinning from ear to ear with pride and satisfaction.

So if you want an obedient dog, and are frustrated by the limited results you've gotten from other programs or you're simply sick and tired of the slow progress you're making with your dog, this program will be a welcomed miracle. I've seen the difference several times over and you will too.

Grab Your Copy Immediately!

I'm so excited for you. I know the looks of amazement you'll get from your family and friends when they see how well-behaved and smart you pup has become. They'll accuse you of spending hundreds of dollars on a dog trainer but you'll know that you didn't have to go through that expensive route.

What's more you can get started right away. You see, I've made the Painless & Positive Puppy Training Manual downloadable so you don't have to pay for shipping and handling, lowering your cost. Just download to your computer and if you want you can print this manual and get started right away.

Plus, I've even decided to slash the price from $49.97 to $27 for this launch. And here's why: I need this manual in as many hands as possible so I can get more testimonials for this website. And for the immediate discount I'm hoping you'll send me an email with the results you are getting so I could share your testimonial with other readers. Is this a deal?

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As if that's not enough I've also decided to throw in these added incentives for you to get your copy right away...


"What To Feed Your Pup" - In this reveal-all report you'll learn the naked truth about what goes into the dog foods of some of the most well-known national brands and you won't be barking for joy. You'll uncover what the big companies don't want you to know, but you'll have a healthier pup as a result.  Prepare to be shocked!


"How To Find A Lost Puppy"- You want to be ready for an emergency BEFORE it happens and not after it happens.  That's why this short but valuable report will give a step-by-step plan of action on just what do should your puppy get lost.  And just when you think it could never happen to you then it happens. With this plan of action you won't be left in the doghouse when it comes to retrieving your lost puppy.


You Can't Lose With Our 100%, 8-Week Money-Back, Risk-FREE Guarantee

Yes, if for any reason whatsoever you're not completely satisfied with the results you are getting by using our methods then I'll refund every penny of your purchase price. I just don't want you to have a fancy puppy training manual but I want you to get results.

So you have nothing to lose really. Download the Painless & Positive Puppy Training Manual right away and try out all the secret tips, tricks and puppy training techniques. And if you're not blown away by the fast results you're getting then just let me know and you'll give you your money back. Simple.


Now you don't have to fret and worry anymore about your pup's behavior since you'll be armed with the amazing secrets to transform your frog to a prince. And it's a lot easier than you think.

Having this manual at your finger tips is next to having me personally train your puppy ... but at a fraction of the price. So not only will you be saving money but avoiding those embarrassing moments when your puppy behaves in unexpected ways.

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From one dog lover to another, I urge you to get the Painless & Positive Puppy Training Manual right away. Think of what you have to look forward to.

Happy puppy training!

Jill Rose

Puppy Trainer, Author

P.S. I've made this puppy training manual easy to follow and as practical as possible. You won't get a lot of boring theories about dogs but hands-on tips tricks and techniques to get your puppy well-behaved and fast--fit to live with the queen.

P.P.S. As an added bonus I'll also answer any question you may have by email. As a valued customer you'll get a special email address you can use to get personal help for your puppy.


Painless and Positive Puppy Training
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