"About Jill"

Currently residing in Athens, Georgia, USA, Jill Rose has been an animal lover all her life and always had dogs.

One puppy in particular was giving her a lot of trouble, and a lot of the prevalent dog training techniques she learned involved rough handling of dogs and negative reinforcement. This means:

  • Yanking a dog around, often using a choke collar.

  • Forcing your dominance on your dog, making him or her fear you.

  • Constant correction (i.e., punishing a dog for being bad).

To Jill, these not only didn't seem to be that effective, but punishment-based training also involves rough handling of dogs and struck her as inhumane.

An especially with puppies (as opposed to full-grown dogs), confrontational methods and imposed discipline seemed to her to be especially unnecessary.

So she felt lost and looked for an answer. She didn't want to take the puppy back to the pound (where he would be killed if no one else adopted him), but Jill also wanted a solution!

Then she stumbled on a little known philosophy of training that has emerged in the past few years: positive reinforcement training, which uses a system of rewarding good behavior so you condition your dog to perform that good behavior more often in the future. (For example, you housetrain a puppy by rewarding it for going to the bathroom outside, rather than punishing it for going inside.)

Jill found positive reinforcement training to be a miracle because it corrected all her pup's problems. It is humane, strengthens the bond between human and canine, and is far more effective and easier to do than traditional punishment-based training methods.

Jill went on to help friends and family with their dog problems, and became known as quite an expert. Everyone encouraged her by saying she "should write a book" -- and so she did! The result is the easy-to-read, unparalled guide she calls Painless & Positive Puppy Training: How To Train Your Stubborn Pup... And Remain Relaxed!.

The goals of the book are to teach you:

  • Puppy potty training and housebreaking
  • How to stop your puppy from biting and growing into an aggressive dog
  • Crate training
  • How to stop your puppy from whining and crying
  • How to train a puppy to sit, walk on a loose leash, stop begging
  • ... and much, much more.
Read about my ebook here!

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